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“The King Has Spoken!”

When we approached Tsuchiya Keiichi-san for an interview at the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon we really didn’t know what he would say or even if he would agree to do one. This is a man who not only has an incredible pedigree, but is also known for changing the car community as a whole. To our surprise, he was very open and accepting to interviewing with us. As one can imagine, we truly felt like a deer in headlights, thunderstruck and at a loss for words as the excitement took over. Tsuchiya-san is very humble and down to Earth and was more than happy to answer questions from our supporters and fans. Without further fanfare, here is what he had to say...more

“A.K.A Mana-P D1”

We caught up with Manabu Suzuki A.K.A Mana-P, D1 commentator extraordinaire at Formula D Japan Fuji,Japan. This man needs no introduction. He is one of the forefathers of the drift scene as we know it today. When we saw him cruising around the Formula D Japan event, we could not help but ask for an audience with him and he was kind enough to comply. Mana-P lays down some true insight into the scene here in Japan. His passion for the industry is truly infectious...more

“Pit Road M”

Recently, TunedJapan travelled down to Himeji, Japan. Home to the beautiful UNESCO site Himeji Castle with its awe-inspiring architecture. As we walked out of the station and saw the glorious castle, a blast from the past with it beaming white walls sitting atop of precision cut stones and boulders we could not help but be inspired by its amazing beauty and understand why Japanese can be single minded in their pursuit of perfection...more

Fortune Favors the Brave!

Everyone in the car industry knows or has heard of Mr. Hironao Yokomaku from Veilside Racing LTD and the insane rides he builds, from the 4509 GTR JZ80 Supra to its custom 4509 Python Bike. No we are not talking your custom Huffy either. It`s definitely something Batman would be caught riding... on. Veilside got its start back in 1996 with the advent of Yokomaku racing which eventually became Veilside Racing in 1999. Veilside is a derivative of Yokomaku`s last name. Yoko meaning side and maku meaning Veil which were then conjoined to create the company's name Veilside. For a sample of Mr. Yokomaku`s vision of what a ride should be. One has to look no further than the orange 1998 Mazda Rx-7 which our beloved hero Han lost his life in Fast and the Furious 3 Tokyo Drift. TunedJapan was lucky enough to have Mr. Yokomaku agree to an interview with us despite his very busy schedule. For us, sitting down with him was like Luke learning the ways of the `Force’ from Yoda himself...more

Bee*R has always been at front of the pack when it comes to building cars that make heads spin. We visited Bee*R and talk with shop owner and world renowned tuner Kiyonori Imai. He truly takes his craft serious whether it is for street or launching himself or others into the stratosphere. There is a lot to be said about Mr. Imai. But we’ll let him speak for him...more

In 2006, Toshi Hayama was brought in as a Technical Consultant for the film "The Fast & the Furious: Tokyo Drift". They needed him to keep elements of the film portrayed correctly. Toshi was responsible for keeping certain references in check. For example, the usage of nitrous oxide in straights but not in turns and minimizing the usage of references from Sponsors. Needless to say, his performance received critical acclaim. The movie grossed 157M worldwide and expanded the appeal of the greatest franchise in Automotive Filmmaking history. Ideally, the film also exposed the world to the art of Auto Tuning...more

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Screaming Zombie

Coming soon.

Black Stallion

Coming soon! Images used with permission and provided by SoCal Sidewayz.

Want some? Come get some!

Getting it right the first time can be a difficult thing to achieve. Doing too much you risk completely destroying the essence of a car. However, with great risk comes the potential for great rewards and the folks at Bee*R were rewarded handsomely for their work. According to Imai-San, this particular ride is inspired by the movie Transformers and has just the right amount of flare. We couldn’t agree more! For us, it was love at first sight!...more

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D1GP Round 2: Fuji

Welcome to Tuned Japan's coverage of D1GP 2016 Round 2 Finals from the picturesque Fuji Speedway. The day was filled with some epic showdowns but only one man can come out on top and here's how it happened. The first battle of the Best 8 between Saito Daigo and Yakoi set up what was to be a common theme of the rest of the finals; one man's tenacity holding out against fierce competition...more

Super GT Round 4 – Fuji Speedway – August 7-9 2015

Fuji International Speedway is a 4.563 km o(2.835 mi) track that is nestled in the mountains of Gotemba, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan and if there ever was a truer epitome of a kid in a candy store, our photographer Cisco would easily be the poster boy of Willy Wonka. Super GT is the crème de la crème of awesomeness when it comes to car building, exact details, and hundreds if not thousands of hours of beautiful engineering. There were many, many classifications of cars running from Super GT 300/500; Formula 4, PCCJ Porsche Cup and the GR Netz Cup Vitz Race. Here is the Super GT 300km Race thru lenses of our camera...more

Formula D Japan Fuji Speedway

Recently we got the chance to cover Formula Drift Japan at Fuji Speedway. All we can say is, “It was one spectacular event!” Formula D and Motor Sport Games went all out for the event. It was like a Universal Theme Park experience! There were so many unbelievable attractions at one event! In the Qualifiers, Kawabata took first place with an overall score of 93. Kenji Takayama and Shinji Minowa tied for second place with an overall score of 87. The amazing driving skills each driver displayed made our blood boil...more

Osaka Messe 2015

Osaka Messe is held on the second weekend of February, every year. This event is much smaller in scale and provides a friendlier environment compared to the cyclopean, Tokyo Auto Salon. It offers an open air venue, outdoor entertainment areas and has less perverted, paparazzi; looking to get up skirt and breast shots of the models. There were still a few of them scoping out the models like Apex predators, though. The downside was the presentation of so many of same demo cars that were shown at the 2015 TAS and the lack of user cars on display. It’s not like Hot Import Nights or other shows that promote the individual rides...more


As you leave Kaihim Makuhari Station, a smile creeps upon your face. The naked, rush of Adrenaline hits you! It hits hard enough that you get the feeling that your heart will beat out of your chest! Your stomach begins to turn into Jell-O as you inch closer towards what you know will be one of the greatest times of your life! It’s like dreaming of being stuck in a candy store trying to swallow an oversized, jaw-breaker whole because you don't want anyone to take your prized gem from you! These are my feelings every time I go to the Tokyo Auto Salon!...more